Natalie is a fitness enthusiast based out of New York City. Her philosophy for fitness is to strengthen from the inside out. If your core is strong and you have the right mentality you can do anything! 

Flexx and the City is a lifestyle platform that showcases all the things that enrich and invigorate a healthy life: fitness, food, fashion, and travel. It is a space where I hope to share my passion for wellness and help you to find a routine that works best for your lifestyle. 

Natalie grew up in a household where juice was fresh squeezed at breakfast and vegetable juices, while not yet mainstream were very much a part of life. Her father always said, “you are what you eat” So a healthy diet is something she believes in very highly.

She spent her early years playing on every sports team in existence. Her family was always very active taking ski vacations out west, using free time to take a hike, or hopping on their bicycles to ride through the hilly country.  She later went on to be a Division I athlete at the University of Maryland. Here she learned a good amount about fitness and conditioning at high intensity. She has taken skills from all areas of sports and training to design a fitness program that works best for her. 

When she talks about health and wellness her energy is contagious. You can see she has a genuine love for life and fitness.