Make sure you are wearing sunscreen!  We have all heard it many times, and it is one of those things that we often poo poo and brush off. I encourage you to watch this video it does a far better job than I ever could at demonstrating the importance of SPF. If after watching this you are still opposed to sunscreen then I don't think I can help you. For the rest of you who want to avoid damaged skin, wrinkles, that leathery look and the potential of skin cancer here are a handful of the sunscreens I love.  



  SPF 70 For Kids ($32) SPF Continuous Mist ($32) and SPF 30 Lotion ($36)    Hampton Sun

  SPF 70 For Kids ($32) SPF Continuous Mist ($32) and SPF 30 Lotion ($36) Hampton Sun

I am lucky to have been newly introduced to Hampton Sun. It is inspired by the Long Island beaches, the delicious scent of Privet and the elegant lifestyle behind it. Having a home in the Hamptons I have a strong appreciation for the smell of the Privet flower. It is certainly a signature scent of this destination. Hampton Sun is great because it works to blur the line between skincare and sunscreen. Each bottle includes moisturizer with sunscreen ingredients so that your skin stays hydrated even when in the sun. Hampton Sun is one of the first companies to use the FDA-approved Polycrylene that works to absorb more UVA rays and increase water resistance in their SPF 35, 55, and 70. I am also impressed with their spray bottles. They are fully eco-friendly (non-aerosol)! Which I cannot say that about many other spray bottles out there, and I am a huge fan of the spray for re-application. This new addition to my sunscreen collection is making its way to the top of my list.

      Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream + Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($35)  Sephora  

      Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream + Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ ($35) Sephora 

I love Shiseido for my face specifically in the summer when out in the sun all day. It feels like you are applying a sheer baby powder that lies gently on top of the skin. It provides a more powerful protection to the sun as it has a high concentration of Zinc Oxide (16.4%) and Titanium Dioxide (1.4%). The combination creates a physical block to the sun, as they work to stay on the skins surface as opposed to absorbing into the skin. They are non-comedogenic, meaning they do not produce or aggravate acne. Zinc is one of the most important ingredients when looking for sun protection and this product has one of the highest concentration I have found out there. It is really the only sunscreen I like to use on my face.

Other people also rave about Shiseido wet force. They have their own, patented formula that when it comes in contact with sweat or water it enhances its resistance. I have not personally used this product, and I am not entirely familiar with its makeup, but it does pique my interest. 

          Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 ($8.99)    Drugstore.com  .

          Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55 ($8.99) Drugstore.com.

I like Neutrogena for my body. It is one of the original matte finish sunscreens out there and at this point is a cult classic. It does absorb into the skin because it contains Benzones and Aminobenzoic Acid which help to protect against UVA and UVB when combined together. This is my go to because it is less expensive and I use a ton!