I have used the TRX only a handful of times so I am by far no expert on the subject. I do know, however that it is a great suspension workout where you use your own body weight to perform each exercise.  While I was home over the Holidays I performed a small circuit on the TRX with my brother. The results of our training are below. If you are interested in starting your New Years fitness goals without the chaos that seems to take over the gym in the beginning of January you might want to try the TRX. The basic TRX kit is on amazon for about $165 and it attaches over any door, or if your gym is anything like mine the TRX is rarely occupied so you will not have to deal with the crowd near weight area. 

We completed the exercises below / each exercise for 20 reps 3 times through:


TARGETS: This is great for strengthening the upper back and lats. It will help with better posture.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start with your legs a bit in front of your body, with your back angled to the ground. Hold your arms extended directly in front of your body. Slowly pull your arms apart while keeping them straight. If you draw a line from hand to hand, your arms should look like a back slash through your center / of your chest and abdomin. Slowly return arms to the center and repeat with alternating hands. 

TIPS: The steeper the angle of your body to the ground, the harder this exercise becomes.


TARGET: This will focus on the abdominal muscles. Increased abdominal strength will help to contribute to a healthier back.  

INSTRUCTIONS: Start in a plank position and move into a pushup. After you pushup, pull your knees towards your chest and return to a plank position. 

TIPS: Keep your shoulders directly above your wrist to prevent shoulder injury. You can more easily do this if you think about keeping the inside of your elbow pointed in the same forward directions as your hands. 


TARGET: This is a good cardio burst that will increase hip and leg power/strength.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start in a squat with your arms in front of you and slightly bent. When your are hips are below your knees, push through your feet and jump in the air still holding your arms in front of your body with tension.

TIPS: Land as soft as possible, making little sound and rebound quickly to get the full benefit of the exercise. Keep you knees in line, directly above your feet, this will help to prevent knee issues.



TARGET: This will help with back strength.

INSTRUCTIONS: Start with your arms straight and your feet slightly in front of your body. Lean back while keeping your back straight. Then pull your body up towards your hands so your hands are just underneath your armpits with your elbows tight at your sides. You should feel like you are crushing something in between your shoulder blades. Slowly release back down and do it again.

TIPS: The farther your feet are in front of you the more difficult the exercise will be. Even harder is to do the exercise while keeping the weight in your heels.


TARGET: This works the glutes and hamstrings. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Start on your back with your heels pressing down into the TRX, legs straight, palms on the floor and hips lifted. Bend your knees keeping your hips high and curl your heels in towards your body. At the height of the motion your knees should make a 90 degree angle and a straight line should be drawn from your knee to your head. Slowly lower to the starting position and repeat. 

TIPS: If you are brave try it with one leg


TARGET: Chest and obliques

INSTRUCTIONS: Starting in a plank position, bring your R knee to your R elbow & do a push up at the SAME time. Push back to a plank and do the same thing on the opposite side.

TIPS: For a modified version perform a push up & drive your knee in after you've completed the push up. If the push up is too much you can drop to your forearms and simply bring in one leg at a time.


TARGET: obliques and the muscles in the lower back 

INSTRUCTIONS: Place your feet in the straps and push your hips hight to the ceiling while trying to stay in a straight line with out letting the rope swing. 


Let me know if you try any of the exercises