I finally attempted and completed my first triathlon over the weekend. This is the road I took to get there. 

We, and by we I mean I have been thinking about training and or doing a triathlon for quite some time. Each year I go to cheer on my brother and his friends during the Montauk Lighthouse Sprint, upon their completion I feel their energy and misery running up that last hill and wish I had put myself through that 4am wake up and freezing ocean swim. Why? Because I am competitive, extremely competitive!  It would be a great accomplishment to finish a race that make us swim, bike and run with out any break.

In July one of my brother friends was not going to be able to make it to the race and after thinking long and hard about taking the spot I decided my boyfriend should do it. So much for my 3 years of previous contemplation, I threw him into the sharks. Turns out we were unable to switch the name on the bib...

After my brothers poor performance he decided to sign up for a race in September to redeem himself. About a month before the race, after a wine filled dinner I signed up too. This mean fixing up my 15+ year old Cannondale road bike, getting new bike shoes, and attempting to train. I went to a handful of spin classes, ran once or twice and swam about 4 times once in the ocean to see if I could do a half mile with out making a turn on the pool wall.

I am in shape and work out all the time so I was able to do it, the swim was viscous! forget about your own swimming and watch out for all the traffic around you. after about 25 yards I got a nice foot to the face, swallowed some delish lake water and lost it mentally. I swam back stroke to attempt to regroup, it didn't work. When I flipped back over and man who was swimming back to share on the wrong side of the booey crashed head on... I swam back stroke the rest of the half mile, adding minutes on to my practice time in the ocean. At the first transition I took over 2 minutes to get my wet suit off, it got stuck on the timer around my ankle. Only one woman passed me on the bike so that was a success, I even caught the girls who came out of the water first! switching shoes took time and my leg started to cramp, I ran at a mediocre pace and finished. For the first time I guess you can say it was a success. I am exceptionally hard on myself and say I can do better next time.